Wilmington YMCA assembles playground created by kids

Wilmington YMCA assembles playground created by kids

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The Midtown YMCA got an expansion Saturday as over 100 volunteers gathered to build a new playground.

The new playground is specifically for the kids, made by the kids.

“The kids got to draw and design the playground of their dreams and what they wanted to have here and then the parents and adults came together, and we made that a reality," said marketing director Sarah Gibbs . "So, this is actually a custom-made playground designed by all the kids here at our ‘Y’ which is something they really feel a part of.”

The volunteers started early in the morning and the project was completed the same day.

Gibbs says along with expansion, this project is a great way to encompass their #PlayMatters movement for the children.

“Its just really important in our youth programs for the kids to be outside, spend time together and play on a playground," said Gibbs. “Its one of the best ways for kids to let out that energy and engage in each other and it’s really important.”

Children are welcome to play on the playground starting Monday, August 26.

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