Free home available in Southport...with a catch

Free house offered in Southport!

SOUTHPORT, N.C. (WECT) - Amy Templeton, of Greensboro, has dreamed of living in Southport. There’s no denying the charm of this storybook seaside village, but it turns out what she bought isn’t her dream home.

“Well, it’s real fixer upper," Templeton said. “A real fixer upper.”

It’s not her dream home, but it sits on her dream property so anyone with a piece of land, guts and a little patience may find this is the bargain of the century.

“It’s free," Templeton said. “Come and get it.”

Amy posted an ad on Craigslist and has gotten an overwhelming response. Some people just see the word “FREE” and don’t think of anything else.

“I’m surprised people don’t read the complete ad. It doesn’t come with the land. You have to move it," Templeton explained. "The ad is just a couple of lines, I’m surprised people don’t see that.”

Templeton has family on Oak Island so the move to Southport has become a dream come true, even if, for now, it’s only part time. But she’s hoping this could be win/win for the right person, who’s also looking for a dream of their own.

“It’s the ultimate affordable housing scenario," Templeton said. “It’s about 1,100 square feet. I hope someone takes it, works on it, and loves it for years to come.”

If she can’t find a taker, Templeton said she’ll either demo the home or see if there’s interest in the local fire department using it for a training exercise.

“It really has some great bones," Templeton said. “If someone wants to move it, it’ll be a terrific little home.”

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