Mind the lines: ’Hazardous’ driving conditions prompt parking changes in Carolina Beach

Mind the Lines

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Carolina Beach officials have made changes to parking regulations downtown to address what they call “unsafe driving conditions.”

The town will now begin enforcing parking rules in some areas that restrict vehicles from parking outside of defined spaces. According to the press release, signs have been posted and lines have been painted, marking parking spots with vehicle size restrictions.

Two-hour metered spaces on Cape Fear Boulevard near the intersection of Lake Park Boulevard and Cape Fear Boulevard are now exclusively for compact cars. Parking spaces on Lake Park Boulevard between Harper Avenue and Cape Fear Blvd. now require vehicles to fit completely in the space.

Vehicles and their accessories cannot extend outside of the marked area. If any part of the vehicle sits outside the allotted space, the driver will be cited. Additionally, pulling up on to a sidewalk to fit the back end of a vehicle into a parking space is not allowed and is illegal.

Carolina Beach Mayor Joe Benson said the changes come as a way to help drivers safely back out of the parking spaces, because large vehicles can restrict a driver’s line of sight.

"Backing out of one of those spots into the oncoming traffic, it’s tough enough, but a smaller car that has a larger vehicle to it’s right makes it a little bit more precarious still.”

Benson said he thinks the town may need to re-evaluate the regulations in the future to accommodate mid-sized vehicles as it looks at the parking issue as a whole.

The town is expecting to lose a few more lots in the next several months, so finding additional parking in new places is a priority.

“That’s something the council and the town is aggressively pursuing: how do we harvest more?,” he said.

Anyone with any questions about how to park in these areas is asked to please contact Town Hall at (910) 458-2999.

(Source: Town of Carolina Beach)
(Source: Town of Carolina Beach)

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