Brunswick County SROs prep for upcoming school year

Brunswick County SROs prep for the school year

BRUNSWICK COUNTY, N.C. (WECT) - The Brunswick County School Resource Officers had a school meeting Tuesday about how to keep kids safe for the 2019-2020 school year.

One common theme among SROs is that they tend to be loved by the students they protect and serve, and that’s what makes protecting them so encouraging.

The goal for this year is to continue that tradition and be more active in their respective schools to build relationships and provide a deterrent for anybody that might cause harm.

“Just us being present is a major preventative of something happening at a school," said Sergeant Matthew Hempson. "We just like to be out and seen, get to know the staff and students. Knowing people’s name is really important.”

A major issue that officers really want to put an end to is reckless driving in school zones, specifically passing stopped school buses.

“They need to definitely make sure that they’re paying attention when the stop arm is out, making sure they come to compete stops, and making sure students aren’t running late to the bus and crossing the street," said Sgt. Hempson. "Its one of my major pet peeves is a stopped school bus. I don’t normally pull people over for traffic offenses but if you pass a bus, I’m going to get you.”

Teachers also work with students early in the year to help prepare them for any situation, including bus dangers.

Sgt. Hempson recommends drivers stay alert on the roads as children return to school. He also advises people to prepare for extra traffic and leave a little earlier for their morning activities.

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