Trask football learning quickly under new coach Brandon Proctor

Trask football story

ROCKY POINT, N.C. (WECT) - Since being hired in May, new Trask football coach Brandon Proctor been trying to make up for lost time.

“The transition needs to be quick,” said Proctor. “I think by the fact that everything happened so late for the kids this year, they had no other choice right now other than to jump in with two feet and trust me and the process.”

Proctor replaces Jonathan Taylor, who resigned after five seasons as the head coach of the Titans.

The players have quickly learned what is expected of them if they want to play.

“Come to practice every day,” said senior Jakel White. “Take full responsibility for what you do and don’t ever give up and never say you can’t do something.”

Proctor has even changed the attitudes of some of his players.

“We had one athlete that cared just about himself,” said White about a teammate. “And he changed during the camp, overnight he changed.”

The Titans are now a team that believes in themselves and what they can do on the field.

“What I see out here is a bunch of hard-working young people that are ready to go to the next level,” said senior Ryan Gorham.

“The seniors want to win, they want to be successful,” added Proctor. “They want to start that process of getting to the next level.”

Last season, Trask finished 5-6 and missed the playoffs.

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