NHC schools hosts a back-to-school Safety Summit

NHC schools hosts a back-to-school Safety Summit

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - New Hanover County schools hosted a “Safety Summit” at Snipes Academy on Tuesday night.

The summit featured a panel of local health and safety officials, district leaders, and members of law enforcement. Many of the topics discussed involved preventing and reacting to a potential school shooting. Among the messages made during the event included parents talking with their children and noticing any change in their behavior.

Dave Spencer is the Director of Safety for New Hanover County Schools and he spoke on the importance of awareness when practicing safety. He points out that “regardless of what kind of environment that you’re in, what kind of circumstance that you’re in, have an awareness and always be thinking.”

WECT recently featured a story on the introduction of bulletproof backpacks and whether this product would be a popular item among parents.

New Hanover County Fire Marshall, Raymond Griswold spoke on this subject and noted that “I can’t say recommend or not recommend. It’s a judgement call for by the parent. If it makes them feel comfortable, but just understand how the kid would use them in the schools. It’s a tool like any tool."

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