Clear the Shelters: How to prepare after adopting an animal

Clear the Shelters: How to prepare after adopting an animal

(WECT) - Once you’ve decided that you’re ready to add a furry member to your family, you now need to prepare your home to make the transition from shelter a little bit easier for the dog or cat.

Here are some tips for what to do after adopting:

  1. Get all the supplies. Make sure you have a collar, leash, toys, a bed/crate, treats, blankets, etc. That way when the animal makes its arrival, it had a better chance of feeling safe and comfortable.
  2. Introduce the animal to the family. Experts recommend you bring family members and other pets outside, one at a time, to meet the new pet. This way it’s not so overwhelming when they go inside.
  3. Start training. No matter if you’re bringing home an adult or a puppy, they all probably require a little bit of house training. Crate, obedience, or house training should start as soon as you bring the animal home.
  4. Give the animal a safe space. A corner or section of a room where the bed/crate and toys will be kept is a great way to let the animal know it has a place to call theirs. Make sure its in a spot easily accessible for the pet.
  5. Prepare your home. Much like baby proofing, make sure there is nothing the animal can chew or swallow that would be harmful for them. Puppies tend to get into things, but if everything is put away, that’s a headache that won’t happen.
  6. Show the animal the house and the yard. Put the dog on a leash and walk it around the house and the yard. Let it sniff and familiarize with the house. You can use stern words like “no” to indicate what shouldn’t be messed with. Walking the dog around the yard will allow it to figure out where it can use the bathroom.

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