Centuries-old oak trees may face removal in Ogden

Centuries-old oak trees may face removal in Ogden

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Oak trees that surround Islands Fresh Mex Grill in Ogden could soon be removed to make way for a new car wash.

These trees are hundreds of years old and many in the city are upset about losing part of historic Wilmington. The issue was brought up at a Board of County Commissioner’s meeting on Monday night and many voiced their opinion, including the Ogden Preservation Group. The group was previously successful in saving some oak trees that faced removal when Publix was under construction in Ogden four years ago.

Noah Jones has lived in Ogden his whole life and he is not only concerned about removing trees that are hundreds of years old, but of deforestation as well.

“People need oxygen, can’t really breathe without trees and deforestation is a huge problem and everyone is crying about global warming all the time but yet they tear down all the trees and they make car washes just to make money.”

New Hanover Count Planning Director Wayne Clark gave WECT the following statement:

“My staff and I will be meeting with the development team for the property at 7032 Market Street this week to discuss modifications to their site plan in order to reduce the number of trees that would be removed. The development team has been receptive to this conversation. The county has not issued a tree removal permit for the site, so the developer is not authorized to remove any trees at this time.”

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