Clear the Shelters: things to consider when adopting a new furry friend

Clear the Shelters: things to consider when adopting a new furry friend

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - WECT is once again partnering with NBC and the National Clear the Shelters campaign.

Saturday, August 17, shelters and rescue groups all over the country will waive or reduce adoption fees. The events is an effort to get dogs and cats out of shelters into their furever home.

Before you head to a shelter there are several things to consider.

Puppies are cute and fun but require a lot of attention. They will need to go out several times until you get them potty trained.

Puppies will chew on things, especially as they lose their baby teeth, just like a child so be sure to have something you can give them, a sock or dog toy. That will help teach your puppy to chew on it rather than grabbing your shoes or something else you don’t want destroyed.

An older dog needs attention too. They will want to go for walks or maybe chase a ball. That exercise keeps them healthy and wears them out so they don’t get bored and get into trouble.

It’s important to ask the shelter or rescue about a dog’s personality. Is it an active dog that requires an active family, does the dog do well with children and other dogs and cats?

If you have another animal in the house you need to consider how they will do if you bring a new pet home. A lot of the shelters encourage you to bring your pet to the shelter to get to know your potential new furry friend, they have special areas where you can interact with a pet you’re considering and see how it acts around your other pet or even your children.

WECT’s Chief Meteorologist Gannon Medwick loves his rescue Ember.

Clear the Shelters Gannon Medwick's rescue Ember

Remember to be patient these pets have been thru a lot, they just need some time to adjust and they will be forever grateful that you’ve given them a second chance.

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