Man biking the east coast for addiction awareness makes stop in Wilmington

Man bikes the east coast to raise awareness, prevent drug abuse

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Byron Carey is a man on a mission. He is biking from Florida to Pennsylvania to hear people’s stories about their battle with substance abuse.

Carey works with a non-profit group called DJ Choices. They go from school to school sharing stories with students about individual battles and offering youth an opportunity to make their own positive choices.

“Sometimes hearing the stories from people that are struggling is very important," said Carey. "They may actually see and feel the consequences that the person has gone through and that would encourage them to reach out for help.”

Biking isn’t just a random thing Carey decided to do. He was diagnosed with diabetes over a year ago and realized, biking could be his opportunity to not only affect other lives, but his own as well.

“I said if I take my cameras, I take the summer off, I’ll hopefully lose the weight I need to make positive choices in my life and hopefully make a positive impact in the communities I go through,” said Carey.

He has needed some help though, along the way. Carey’s bike had some problems miles out from the Port City and two women took him in their car as he called for help.

Mark Marcley owns a halfway house in Wilmington and has been in contact with Carey to make sure his long journey was going smoothly.

“If you break down, I’ve got trucks, I’ve got trailers I can help," said Mark Marcley. "Welp, sure enough, 5 o’clock yesterday, he called for help.”

Averaging about 50-60 miles a day, Carey is a day ahead of schedule. Before he continues his journey to his home state, he plans to listen to a few stories, attend church and get some much needed rest.

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