Benefit concert held for family of man killed by wave in Oak Island

Benefit concert held for family of man killed by wave in Oak Island

OAK ISLAND, N.C. (WECT) - Lee Dingle was killed in July by an ocean wave while on vacation with his family.

The Oak Island Community is now coming together to host a benefit for his family to help them in their time of need.

“As a community, we are pulling together and showing them the love that the Oak Island community has to offer our support like we do if he was one of our own," said Liz Grimm Carolan, member of the Oak Island Angels.

The Oak Island Angels have been putting together this event for the better half of two weeks. Town hall lent them the stage for the concert at Middleton Park and plan to leave the splash pad on for another three hours so the event can attract more families.

Although the Dingle family could not attend, Shannon Dingle re-posted the flyer made and was aware of the concert. Organizers said their main goal is to support and help the Raleigh man’s wife and six children as much as possible.

“Hopefully they are feeling the love and support that they need to help them get through these next few challenging weeks, months that are ahead and help with their healing," said Carolan.

Although the Oak Island Angels would love to see the Dingle family vacationing and returning to their island again, they understand the pain the family is going through.

Donation boxes were spread throughout the park and vendors will donate part of their proceeds to the family.

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