Highway 6: the Davis’ value nothing more than family and seafood

Updated: Aug. 9, 2019 at 7:34 AM EDT
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SNEADS FERRY, N.C. (WECT) - Davis Seafood has been a staple in Sneads Ferry for decades.

Jody Davis and his wife Vickie run the business, but Jody’s grandfather put down the roots where the business continues to thrive today.

“Where we’re at now, my grandfather brought this property in 1949," says Jody. "We’ve been at this location ever since. My grandparents ran the business, my parents ran it, now me and Vickie take care of it.”

“We all live right here on Davis Lane," says Jody "I’ve got two older brothers, my sister, my parents. All of us live here, together. We work together everyday. We see each other everyday.”

They catch scallops and a variety of fish, but their big seller is the shrimp. Over 80-percent of the shrimp consumer in our country is from another country, but Jody says, there is no comparison.

“Once you taste wild American shrimp, I mean its hard to eat imported shrimp again;" says Jody.

The Davis family owns nine shrimp trawlers total. All nine work and all nine go out and catch the seafood they sell at their store, but they also catch seafood they sell to local restaurants and roadside vendors.

Vickie also sells what they catch at local farmers markets. You can find her at the downtown Wilmington Riverfront Market every Saturday and at the Wrightsville Beach Farmers Market every Monday.

But like farming and growing crops, shrimping has its hard times too.

“We missed at least four weeks of work because of Florence," says Jody. "Then after the storm, people were apprehensive to buy seafood. They were scared of pollution and what not, so it took a little while for things to get back to normal.”

Even though things are back to normal for Jody and his family, the business is still unpredictable. The weather can play a role, but Jody says they always work with what they have.

“If we sell out, we’re not open;" says Jody "We only sell what we get in fresh so once that’s gone, we close. We don’t go anywhere just to buy anything to have it, we only sell what comes in fresh.”

Shrimp is the most popular seafood in the world for many reasons including it’s nutritional value and health benefits. Shrimp are considered an annual crop because they only live about two years. In North Carolina, there are three different types of shrimp fishermen typically catch: brown, pink, and white.

“In the spring, we catch a spotted shrimp which some people call pink shrimp,” says Jody. “The brown shrimp are in the summer and the white shrimp usually show up early to mid-September and what’s what we catch through thanksgiving.”

Davis Seafood participates in the Sneads Ferry Shrimp Festival every year. They donate shrimp for the Shrimp Ball, an event that kicks off the festival. They also prodive the shrimp the the big heading contest.

For more information about Davis Seafood, visit their website.

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