Columbus County looking to crack down on illegal dump site

Columbus County looking to crack down on illegal dump site

DELCO, N.C. (WECT) - A piece of private property has been designated a site for dumping trash for residents and what officials assume to be contractors.

The dumping, however, is illegal.

Residents that live on Spearman Road have seen this go on for years. The closest neighbors live about a half-mile down from the site and say they’re surprised nothing has been done yet.

“I think that if our county is to strive and prosper, we’ve got to clean it up," said Lavern Coleman. "Eye sores like this will deter anybody from moving to this area, it’ll deter a business from coming in. Because if we cant take care of our private land like this, what makes you think we can take care of the business and community that wants to grow.”

In recent years, Columbus County has recognized the problem and tried to deter dumpers by placing cameras, which were later were stolen. Residents say since they’ve brought the problem to the attention of the county, there has been a bigger law enforcement presence in the area.

“I think if we can get more community involvement, its not just a county issue, its not just an issue that county government should address, I think the community should address it,” Coleman said. “We as citizens need to intervene.”

County officials have said they are working with the sheriff’s office to deter anybody from illegal dumping.

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