It’s National Ice Cream Day!

The original ice cream stand

WRIGHTSVILLE BEACH, N.C. (WECT) - The Original Ice Cream Stand of Wrightsville Beach couldn’t have been any more excited for the day catered to them.

“Today is National Ice Cream day, yes, it is! Best day of the year,” said employee Danielle Donovan.

More susceptible to the heat than most shops, this dessert joint has to be more active in knowing how to keep their sweets nice and cold.

“We keep the ice cream fresh; we rotate a lot. Especially at night when we have these open a lot, the ice cream will get soft," said Donovan. “We have a lot of backup coolers and stuff that we don’t open as much so we usually rotate it.”

The coolers she mentions can reach negative three degrees, but that temperature rises and falls with the amount of business they get. The more they open it, the more often ice cream gets rotated.

Its not unlike your A/C unit - the hotter it gets, the harder they work to serve the best ice cream.

"It’s all about just trying to keep it from not melting the second we put it on the cone,” said Donovan.

As employees, Donovan and others do their best to beat the heat by consistently running fans along with a pretty powerful A/C unit to keep them going through the dog days of summer.

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