“I didn’t really just think. I just acted”: Good samaritan’s actions halt​ kidnapping

“I didn’t really just think. I just acted”: Good samaritan’s actions halt​ kidnapping

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — The man accused of stealing a good samaritan’s car with her daughter inside has been arrested. Toney Bridges is charged with kidnapping and larceny of a motor vehicle.

“A truck just went straight across all the lanes and hit, a, hit the guardrail and its turned over on its side,” the 911 call said.

It happened on I-87 by New Hope Road in Raleigh Wednesday night.

Two separate cars that witnessed the crash pulled over to help. Tasha Dillard and her daughter in the first car and Tim Phillips and his wife were in the other.

“I got out to check on, you know, whoever was in there to make sure they were okay,” Phillips said.

Police said Bridges was the passenger in that overturned truck. He made it out, another man was still trapped inside.

While the two other drivers who pulled over to help worked to free the trapped man, Bridges jumped into Dillard car and took off.

“The person that was in the accident just pulled off with another person’s car with her daughter in it,” the 911 caller said.

“I didn’t really just think. I just acted,” Tim Phillips said.

Phillips and his wife didn’t hesitate to follow the car that had just been stolen with a 12-year-old in the backseat.

“Multiple times he tried to elude us. Going through different parking lots of different businesses. Running red lights. Running stop signs. Breaking just about every law on the road you could. And we, looking back on it, it was very unsafe of us to do the same thing but our priority was we got to get this little girl and make sure she’s safe,” Phillips said.

As Tim drove, his wife kept a 911 call taker on the line, keeping them informed of where he was headed.

Bridges eventually abandoned the car in a residential area back behind the Walmart in Knightdale.

Dillard’s daughter was safe. She’s grateful to the Phillips.

“They were just so ready to help. You know, and it’s so good that we do have good people that here in the world,” Dillard said.

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