Highway 6: Wild cat rescue slated to open in Fair Bluff 2021

Highway 6: Wild cat rescue slated to open in Fair Bluff 2021

FAIR BLUFF, N.C. (WECT) - Shizzy’s Wild Cat Rescue has been in the works since Hurricane Matthew. Since the storm, construction crews have leveled acres of property to make room for animal habitats.

Shazir Haque came up with the idea after making friends with a blind baby tiger.

Haque has recently secured all the financing needed to finish landscaping the property.

“I always knew I wanted to do something with animals and I always thought maybe I could do it later in life, but that was to me a sign of God saying, ‘alright, they need help now,’" said Haque. "So, focus everything that you have on this project.”

Haque dreams of taking the concept to other places in addition to Fair Bluff. He wants to make a nationwide impact, even calling his own idea a temporary solution to a much larger problem.

“Until there are actual laws passed that say you cannot breed these animals non-stop, until you can’t own them anymore in private homes, until there’s a deterrent factor actually put in place we will always be a temporary solution," said Haque. "We’re not solving the problem at the root.”

Haque does realize, however, that all great things take time.

"We have high land and wetland on the property, along with so many other features that the animals absolutely need. Along with all that it’s hot out here, there’s going to be beach traffic going through so we will have visitation, so there’s an opportunity for economic growth there,” Haque said.

Haque’s mission is to initiate the change, be the change and spread the change throughout the community to enforce laws that save not only big cats, but animals as a whole.

Shizzy’s Wild-Cat Rescue isn’t open just yet, but plans to open in another year and a half. If you wish to donate to this cause, you can do so here.

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