UNCW waiting for state funds for Hurricane Florence repairs

UNCW on state budget

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - We are more than two weeks into the state's new fiscal year but an agreement on a budget hasn't been reached.

Governor Roy Cooper is fighting to include Medicaid expansion and Republican leaders are balking at the proposal.

The effects of no new budget are being felt across the state, and its affecting hurricane recover.

UNC-Wilmington officials estimate that Florence caused $140 million in damage on campus.

The university already received $27 million from the state from the third extra session of 2018 and other money from insurance payments, but the school still needs about $8 million to finish repairs on Dobo Hall.

“We will continue to work on Dobo Hall,” said UNCW Assistant Secretary Board of Trustees Mark Lanier. “Work is going well, and we hope to have it back online in the fall of 2020. It’s not an urgent matter as much as it’s an important matter. We would use the estimated $8 to $10 million that it would be on our FFE fixtures and equipment.”

That $8 million would come from House Bill 966 that the General Assembly passed, but the Governor Cooper vetoed.

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