New Hanover County Schools looking to possible change dress code

NHC dress code

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - New Hanover County High School students could soon have more options of what they can wear to school.

Tuesday, the NHC Board of Education heard the first reading of the proposed chances to the school’s dress code.

It would allow spaghetti strap tops and tank tops and remove restrictions on leggings.

For some students, getting ready for school isn’t always easy under the current code. “

There are limitations with the length of things,” said Wilmington Early College student Chelsea Harris. “Having to cover shoulders. But generally, you can wear a t-shirt and some jeans.”

“I don’t think they are too restrictive,” added parent Jennifer Harris. “I think kids can still express themselves. I do think that some of the girls would like to have cuter tops and it would be nice to have that option as well.”

Ashley Gridler will attend Hoggard High School in the fall and is all for loosening restrictions on the dress code.

“I could wear some of the clothes that I have that I can’t wear to school sometimes,” said Gridler. “Unless I wear a jacket. But if they lift some of those policies, I could wear them to school.”

Board of education member David Wortman says public comment will help the board make a decision.

“We have people on both sides of the coin,” said Wortman. “Some people want it more lenient. And some want it more conservative.”

The Board of Education is asking for public comment during their next meeting on August 6.

The last changes to the NHCS dress code came back in 2016.

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