COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Art teacher at all-girls school needs help with supplies

COMMUNITY CLASSROOM: Art teacher at all-girls school needs help with supplies

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Greyson Davis is a free spirit who believes all of his students are aspiring artists.

“Everybody’s an artist until they stop being one,” Davis said.

Davis teaches art at Glow Academy, an all-girls school in Wilmington. He’d like to enhance his ability to teach art by having access to more supplies and better tools. He says last year was a challenge.

“I teach approximately 200 girls, and last year that was a sizeable hurdle,” Davis said. “Like most teachers, I’ve tried to resuscitate my program out of pocket, and even sought help from the community. Even with that, by the end of the school year, we were having to be exceptionally creative with pencil, dried markers and copy paper.”

Davis is asking for donations for supplies through Donors Choose, an online charity that helps teachers across the country get funding for special projects. Davis’ project is an ambitious one. He has set a goal of $2,018. Once all of the funds are raised, Donors Choose will purchase the supplies he’s requesting on the site and deliver them to the school.

“For the students who've already found their passion in it, having more (and better) supplies will help them further explore their talents,” Davis says on the Donors Choose page. “For students still dipping their toes in the art waters, my hope is that by giving them better tools they'll invest in themselves and start to recognize the potential in their work and be encouraged to make more art.”

If you would like to donate to Mr. Davis’ project, click here.

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