Whiteville firefighters, officers answer call to save a life

Whiteville firefighters answer call to save a life

WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) - Firefighters were busy Saturday morning, but they weren’t fighting flames.

Whiteville City fire crews along with the Whiteville Police Department and animal control were called to help free a deer trapped in a fence.

Video shows three men working together to manipulate the fence and keep the deer safe and relaxed under a white sheet.

“She’s been pawing at the ground for quite a while,” someone says in the background of the video. “She didn’t do all that in a couple of hours.”

“It would have been all night long,” another person said while the camera recorded the rescue.

After pulling out the heavy machinery, firefighters were able to cut parts of the fence away and free the bruised and exhausted doe from the metal bars.

“She ran out of sight, so we are hopeful for a full recovery,” the post from the fire department said.

B Shift saving lives no matter what species you are! This deers hips were just a little to wide to fit. She was removed safely and taken away from the area. She ran off out of sight, so we are hopeful for a full recovery! Whiteville police and fire working together putting citizens first!

Posted by City of Whiteville Fire Department on Saturday, July 13, 2019
Deer rescued in Whiteville

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