New Drive-In movie theater up and running

Drive in movie theater opens in Tabor City

Tabor City, N.C. (WECT) - Stateline Movie Time is the newest drive-in move theater in the country, according to a Facebook post by

Sherry Barnes built it with her own two hands. She was inspired after interacting with children on a daily basis at Duke Hospital. She says God gave her a sign and it was to help the youth.

“You’re going to build a drive-in movie theater where everyone can enjoy themselves, and have family memories, wholesome environment, family values and morals and good movies for these families," said Barnes. "Somewhere that everyone can enjoy. Now I feel like Noah did when God said you’re going to build an arc, and well this is my arc.”

Open seven days a week, the movie theater on the border of North and South Carolina has been open since mid-May.

For only $10 a pop for adults, and $5 for children (5-12) you can see two movies each night.

Stateline Movie Time is located at 3851 Dothan Road in Tabor City.

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