Whiteville officer who lost home in fire gets help from boys in blue

Whiteville officer who lost home in fire gets help from boys in blue

WHITEVILLE, N.C. (WECT) - Lieutenant Andre Jackson lost everything in a house fire in June, but left with the most important thing. His family’s lives.

Since then, the City of Whiteville has been collecting donations to help out the Jackson family. On Friday, help came from outside of the city, and in some cases, outside of the state.

Coastal Carolina Shields, Carolina Border Shields and the South Carolina chapter of the Blue Knights gave over $1,000 to the family.

The President of Coastal Carolina Shields said the hand-delivered donation isn’t just for rebuilding help, it’s for emotional support as well.

“To know that we’re there for him,” said Jim Gormley. "If he needs any help in his rebuilding, we’ll respond. It’s more personal to come up here.”

Jackson admits its been a hard year.

“After 21 years in law enforcement and 10 years in military, this is the first time I’ve experienced anything like this in terms of tragedy," Jackson said. “I wasn’t built for this, I was built to help people, not get help.”

Gormley said just because the officers are retired doesn’t mean they still can’t lend a helping hand when somebody is in need.

“There’s always camaraderie, brotherhood, sisterhood in the police department. Whether you’re retired or you’re still on the job we try to look out for each other,” said Gormley.

The Red Cross is assisting the Jackson family. If you’re interested in helping the Jackson family, donations will be accepted at the Whiteville Police Department.

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