Kure Beach neighborhoods disagree over vacant lot

Town of Kure Beach, homeowners debate property sale

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A vacant lot has been the source of contentious debates in recent Kure Beach town council meetings.

The piece of empty land that is at the center of these debates is located off of Sandman Drive and was once a retention pond but has since been filled. Now, the land plot remains unused within the Kure Dunes neighborhood and the town council is attempting to fix that.

Since the lot was previously a retention pond, there is concern that storm water runoff would end up in the neighborhood of Beachwalk. Almost a year after Hurricane Florence hit the coast, the danger of heavy storm water runoff is fresh in the minds of residents.

The president of the Beachwalk homeowner’s association, Bill Bryan, says that this is his chief concern. Bryan believes the Beachwalk HOA should have rights to the Sandman lot, despite the location being in Kure Dunes. Bryan notes that their data stresses that the Beachwalk neighborhood would receive additional water from the lot and that this would cost them money. The HOA for the Kure Dune’s neighborhood points to this argument as a major reason for pushback against Beachwalk HOA.

Both HOAs have expressed serious concerns about the situation and would go so far as to take legal action to prevent the sale. Now that these HOAs have refused to agree, the town council is in a tight position as they continue to delay selling the lot.

Cathy Elliot lives two houses down from the lot and believes selling the land will benefit the community.

“It’s in the town’s best interest to sell these lots and make them into four or five different lots. They’ll get the proceeds from that sale and then there’s the tax return on the properties once they’re actually sold. It’s in their best interest to sell it,” said Elliot.

Elliot also has an optimistic view on the future of the negotiations.

“There’s been a lack of communication between the two HOAs, but I think that’s been resolved now. There were some things we didn’t like, there were some things that they didn’t like. You know, that’s the way life is. But I think that we’re down to figuring out what the best place or what the best resolution for these lots is at this point in time,” said Elliot.

The discussion will continue to develop at the next Kure Beach town council meeting, which is scheduled for Monday night.

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