“Success doesn’t happen overnight”: a Belville family races not only for the trophy, but to teach life lessons

“Success doesn’t happen overnight”: a Belville family races not only for the trophy, but to teach life lessons

BELVILLE, N.C. (WECT) - You could say racing runs in the family.

David Smith started racing go karts when he was just nine years old and now, as he and his wife raise three boys, they’re learning the ropes of the track too, plus some.

“One thing I really want my boys to learn: determination and perseverance," said David.

Jack is the oldest of the three; he’s ten years old. He’s dabbled in other hobbies, like soccer.

“I got out of it because I wanted to go kart race and now my main hobby is go kart racing," says Jack.

Though he called it a hobby, it’s more of a lifestyle for the Smith family.

“On average, 30 to 40 hours," says David.

That’s how much time David spends in his shed prepping for the races each week, but he’s typically not alone in there. You’ll likely find Jack and his little brother, Gavin, close to their father putting in the work it takes to see results on the track.

“Working on the tires and setting the whole go kart up and working the whole week really hard and then go to the track and just running really well. I love that feeling" says Jack.

The time spent in the shed and on the track not only prepares the Smith boys for a win, but David hopes it prepares them for life.

“Success just doesn’t happen overnight," says David. "It takes time. That’s what I guess my boys get out of it that sometimes you’ve got to build determination and sometimes determination isn’t relying on your own strength, it’s relying on God and your support system to get through it.”

As for Jack, he’s got big dreams.

“I would like to be a NASCAR driver when I grow up because I like NASCAR and I like watching it and I think it’s cool," says Jack.

And little Gavin; he wants to cross that finish line and then some.

“What’s your favorite your part?” asked WECT

“Doing victory laps and all that," says 6-year-old Gavin.

They go to races about every other weekend. They hope to qualify for a big championship race within the next few weeks.

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