Maides Park Community Garden utilizes Florence debris

Hurricane debris used to help garden

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - The City of Wilmington has taken a fresh new approach to improve the community garden at Maides Park.

Their secret? A German agricultural practice called “Hugelkultur,” which uses raised garden beds filled with rotten wood- a resource Wilmington had a vast supply of following the hurricane.

The mounds made from the wood chips and branches naturally breakdown and become sponge-like, reducing the need for watering and also fertilizing the garden.

Children involved in Maides Park’s programs helped plant and maintain a garden earlier this year. Each child was responsible for one vegetable in the garden.

“The garden allows us to streamline our strategic plan of promoting healthy lifestyles,” City Recreation Supervisor Ryan Brill said. “The kids learn a lot and get to experience something they normally wouldn’t. It’s a great program for everyone involved.”

The program has been so successful, the garden is yielding enough produce to provide people in the neighborhood with fresh food. People involved in the city’s senior program, after school programs, summer camps and community members can all take home a basket of produce grown in the garden.

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