NC compost rules are up for re-adoption, no mention of PFAS

NC compost rules are up for re-adoption, no mention of PFAS

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - North Carolina’s compost rules are due for a re-adoption and the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality is allowing the public to express their thoughts.

One New Hanover County citizen, Evan Folds, is urging the public to address concerns about PFAS testing in compost as well as the overall volume of testing being done. PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl substances, have been the subject of controversy in the Cape Fear region. Linked with Gen X, PFAS raised concerns over the safety of tap water and how it might affect those who drink it.

None of the amendments that have been proposed detail any mention of PFAS. Folds is the Supervisor for New Hanover Soil and Water Conservation and has dedicated his life to educating the public on the environment, including public safety concerns.

Folds noted that “we need to take a real serious effort at mitigating, not only the organic material filling up half the landfill but also the quality of the material produced that would address the issues that we’re facing locally.” Folds believes that there has been a loss of personal connection between consumers and the food that they are eating, which has led to a widespread desensitized view on food.

In moving forward, Folds believes that there is no better way to progress than by banding the Cape Fear region together. He explains that “we don’t want to do that as a city, we don’t necessarily want to do it as a county, we want to do that as a region. And do it at a high level and when we do, I think it starts doing that magic thing, a three for one. We’re getting all this value out of one action.”

Although the public hearing will occur on Tuesday, July 16, the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality will continue to receive comments until August 16.

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