Businesses starting to see rise in tourism

Businesses starting to see rise in tourism

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Hurricane Florence has come and gone. Around the city, it’s hard to see any physical damage still left, but the impact went far beyond Wilmington.

Tourists countrywide saw the impacts of the city and wrote it off, saying the Port City won’t be its full self for another year or two, but local shops now believe the old glory of a pre-Florence Wilmington is starting to revive itself.

“We’ve definitely had an upswing in the last couple of months, peoples attitudes have changed," said Collen Lux, manager of Fuzz Love. “They’re kind of coming out of the funk, the scare of it, the recovery.”

While there are still buildings closed, stores vacant and homes unoccupied, Lux says her store has already seen its fair share of visitors from outside of the region.

"It seems to be much better now, people are exploring again, you know.”

Some of Wilmington’s recognition doesn’t come from the city itself. It’s the areas outside of New Hanover County that help with the allure.

“There were large areas that were severely affected, and they have to recover also for our tourism to get back to what it was,” said Lux.

Lux says she anticipates tourism to be at its peak around the end of Summer. Saying by then, the country will have seen the resilience of the city and know its back in tip-top shape.

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