Greenfield Lake gets a face-lift

Greenfield Lake gets a face-lift

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - If you ran by Greenfield Lake Sunday, it probably looked a little cleaner than normal. That’s because the Antilles Plastic Project took the time to take trash out of the lake.

The group, along with some volunteers, used the lake’s paddle boats to get around and scour the area for trash.

“There was a trashcan 20 feet away, just put them in there, take a little pride in where you are and along the way you’re helping yourself,” said Ned Buddy, Executive Director.

Bottles, styrofoam, and other items were pulled from the lake. However, Buddy admitted, it was a lot more clean than he expected it to be.

“I thought that with the rain we had yesterday, trash might have washed into the lake,” said Buddy. “But, it’s a lot cleaner than I thought... I guess that’s a good thing.”

Buddy offered a little advice on how to keep the environment cleaner, and also commended the Port City on its efforts.

"Less single use plastic, bring a water bottle, pick up your garbage bags, bring a coffee cup instead of a styrofoam cup, little things like that and you see a lot of that in this town, there’s more ocean friendly people trying to make a difference,” Buddy advised.

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