Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek sets themselves apart with new benefits

Updated: Jun. 19, 2019 at 7:26 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - A farmers market like non other in the cape fear.

Morgan Milne owns Red Beard Farms but also the Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek, along with a lot of the other farmers you’ll find on Oleander Drive on Saturday mornings.

They recently introduced fresh bucks; a system that allows folks to double their SNAP/EBT dollars to shop for fresh fruits and veggies.

“We are one of 12 farmers markets in the whole nation that do that," says Milne.

Thanks to a grant from the USDA, there is more access to healthy foods in Wilmington; a win-win for the community and the farmers.

“All of us are small, family farms," says Milne. "You’re supporting your neighbor directly as opposed to a corporation or something like that and in turn, we of course spend out money locally as well. So the money is just staying in our community as opposed to getting shipped out and that’s one of the best things about it.”

Buy local, stay local. It’s the unofficial motto of the farmers market.

“A lot of time, you’re getting stuff cheaper, it’s fresher," says Milne. "You know here it came from and that’s a big deal.”

Another thing that sets the Farmers Market at Tidal Creek apart: they are open every Saturday of the year and thanks to the partnership with Tidal Creek Co-op, whatever the farmers can’t provide on any given weekend, the store will likely have it.

A win-win for everyone.

This is also the only farmers market in Wilmington that only sells food and the people there, aren’t reselling their products.

“If you see something on the table, you knew the person in that tent grew it," says Milne.

Food, sold and grown with integrity to make a difference in the economy and health of the people in Wilmington.

“As long as ya know people care about supporting their community and buying local, there is no reason not to come here," says Milne.

SNAP recipients can now use their benefits at the Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek....
SNAP recipients can now use their benefits at the Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek. (source: NHC Government)

Every first and third Saturday of each month, you can find donation stations at the Wilmington Farmers Market at Tidal Creek to help support local food pantries.

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