Two hospitalized after 3-car crash in Wilmington

Two hospitalized after 3-car crash in Wilmington
Neighbors say people were taken to the hospital after a crash on Wilshire Blvd Wednesday

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Two people were hurt in a crash Wednesday in a residential area people have pleaded with city officials to make safer.

WECT crews located the multi-car crash on Wilshire Boulevard Wednesday night. The tow truck driver at the scene says they watched crews take two people to the hospital to be treated for their injuries.

The driver of the white SUV involved says they were traveling on Wilshire Boulevard when they noticed another car coming towards them was ‘fishtailing.’ The driver in the other reportedly lost control and t-boned the SUV. A minivan hit the SUV in the rear as well, bringing the total to three cars involved in the crash.

WECT has reached out to investigators for more information on the crash Wednesday.

In May, residents asked the city of Wilmington to place a sign on the street to remind drivers of the 35mph speed limit. According to the city, there was a backlog and it was estimated it could take up to eight more weeks until they were able to put in a mechanical sign. As of Wednesday, no sign had been placed in the area.

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