Survey reveals Wilmington citizens concerned about traffic, rebuilding after hurricane

Survey reveals Wilmington citizens concerned about traffic, rebuilding after hurricane
Traffic congestion in Wilmington.

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Traffic remains a concern for Wilmington residents but according to a citizen survey taken this year, satisfaction with city services is higher than regional and national averages.

At Monday's agenda briefing, the Wilmington City Council heard results from the biennial survey completed by around 800 city residents in March and April.

Results were compared with prior years to see how well city government is operating and will help city council set focus areas and develop funding priorities.

Among the highlights were:

  • Citizens are generally confident in city government and think Wilmington is a good place to live.
  • Citizens like the new walking/biking trails and want more of them.
  • Streets and sidewalk maintenance and management of traffic flow on city streets are the main citizen concerns.

Repairing infrastructure damaged by Hurricane Florence is also a concern.

The city said it is addressing those concerns by:

  • Beginning work this summer on the second phase of repairing streets, sidewalks and stormwater drainage infrastructure
  • Implementation of a five-year, $59 million infrastructure improvement plan that focuses on long-term street repairs and paving and upgrades to public facilities
  • The voter approved 2014 transportation bond that includes walking/biking trails and sidewalks to help get cars off our roads, as well as road projects designed to address safety and traffic congestion
  • The voter approved 2016 parks bond that includes the development of the Northern Waterfront Park, new athletic fields and improvements to existing parks and facilities

A video of the presentation to city council and the full report can be found here.

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