Southport debates changes to town’s building height rules

The Southport Marina requested the city to increase building height ordinances from 40 feet to...
The Southport Marina requested the city to increase building height ordinances from 40 feet to 50 feet.(WECT)
Published: Jun. 13, 2019 at 9:44 PM EDT
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SOUTHPORT, N.C. (WECT) - The Southport Marina has requested the city increase the limit on building heights from 40 feet to allow structures to reach 50 feet.

However, its not the height increase that’s making people angry, but where developers would add another structure.

The marina is proposing a new storage building right next to where their boat stacks are now, which is an abandoned water sewage plant. People who spoke at Thursday night’s meeting say they would rather see the property turned into a park.

“I want that area to belong to the people. Its the most beautiful view in town,” said 20 year resident Dale McPherson, “There’s so many of us here that are willing and able to make it a wonderful place for the public to be and we have not enough space for the public and for the projected growth of our town for people who are coming into this area.”

Southport Marina argues the additional structure would help increase tourism. Southport Mayor J.V. Dove agrees adding another storage unit to the marina would benefit the town.

“First of all you’re going to have construction people come in, that will mean they’re going to be here in Southport, they’re going to be eating at our restaurants, buying gas from us, enjoying all of the amenities that we have here in town,” Mayor Dove said."Next thing, there will be boats coming in here and all of our tourists and visitors that will come with boats will enjoy the beauty of the Cape Fear River, the Atlantic Ocean and the beauty of Southport."

Leaders didnt make a decision Thursday regarding the height requirements, but plan to discuss the matter further in their next meeting in July.

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