Pender High looks back on Florence recovery efforts

Pender High remembers Hurricane recovery efforts

BURGAW, N.C. (WECT) - Pender High School has dedicated two sections of their 2018-2019 yearbook to Hurricane Florence.

One section focuses on the storm itself, while the other is centered on the cleanup.

“There is still a lot of recovery process throughout the book because we’re still under recovery and we’re still trying to get back to normal,” English teacher and yearbook supervisor Karen McGowan said.

“We wanted to make everyone happier. So with this one, we wanted to make it a little more joyous, rather than focus on all the bad that happened,” Graduating senior Maggie Evans explained about of the writing and design process for the yearbook.

Evans pointed out that her senior year was marred by the presence of the storm and was not able to participate in many activities that seniors traditionally took part in.

“I like to show my school spirit and I was getting excited for October to come because we have homecoming and we have spirit week,” said Evans.

Unfortunately both of these events were cancelled due to Florence.

When Florence hit North Carolina nine months ago, Pender County was hit especially hard. Severe flooding and devastating storm surges crippled the area. In the storm’s wake, Pender High School stepped up and provided shelter for Pender residents, setting up bunk beds all throughout the gymnasium.

Pender High School students lived up to their reputation for giving back to the community when faced with the post-storm damage of Florence. Students performed all kinds of services, including donating and wrapping Christmas presents for displaced families in a program called Angel Tree.

Student Latavia Davis participated in the Angel Tree program.

“A lot of people lost their stuff like pictures and everything else, so you just want to be there for people and let them know that someone was there for them,” said Davis.

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