Men accused of trying to steal 30 lbs. of marijuana with pellet guns

Men accused of trying to steal marijuana with pellet guns

BEN LOMOND, Calif. (KSBW/CNN) – Two Texans were arrested in California after they allegedly tried to steal nearly 30 pounds of marijuana.

In a strange twist, police said the men tried to pull off the heist using pellet guns.

Noah Hatcher, 21, and Anthony Jefferson, 31, are said to have turned up at a house in Ben Lomond, California, on Wednesday with two pellet guns to steal the 30 pounds of illegal marijuana valued at $50,000.

Two tenants were bound inside the home with zip ties, but one of them managed to call 911.

Police said the suspects placed the stolen marijuana in a jeep, but that they ran off when law enforcement showed up.

Hatcher was captured near the home. Jefferson was arrested near Zayante, Calif.

They’ve been charged with robbery, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and conspiracy.

Law enforcement officials point out the dangers this type of black-market operation can have in a community.

“Marijuana has a value, and there’s certain people that are willing to take a risk to steal it,” said Dee Baldwin of the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office.

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