‘I’m gonna ride ‘til I can’t no more’: Children sing ‘Old Town Road’ to mounted police

Children sing ‘Old Town Road’ to police on horse

ATLANTA (CNN) - Nothing says summer for children like a hot day, a community pool and a hit song.

Those all came together in Atlanta Thursday when children enjoying their local pool gave police an unexpected surprise.

They serenaded the Atlanta Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit with an impromptu rendition of the hit song “Old Town Road.”

The smash hit by Atlanta rapper Lil Nas X blends hip hop with country music in a song about riding horses.

The rapper even features country singer Billy Ray Cyrus on the most popular version of the song.

It's so country in fact, that it hit Billboard's country chart before the company sparked controversy by removing it, saying it wasn't country enough.

To make things even more genre bending, the guitar riff from the song is based on a sample from industrial rockers Nine Inch Nails.

Atlanta police Lt. Greg Lyon liked the children’s rendition so much, he recorded it and posted it to the police department's Instagram page.

“Old Town Road” broke the streaming record previously held by Canadian rapper Drake.

It’s currently No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 Charts where it’s stayed put for 10 weeks now.

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