Twins graduate Pender High with over $1 million in college scholarship money

Twins graduate Pender High with over $1 million in college scholarship money
Markhel and Lavell Henry graduate with over $1 million in scholarships (Source: Angela Hawes Henry)

BURGAW, N.C. (WECT) - Markhel and Lavell Henry walked across the stage Saturday knowing they won’t graduate college with a mountain of debt.

The twins from Pender High School will be going to Kentucky Christian University, but applied to over 10 schools and received both athletic and merit scholarships from many of them. The athletic scholarships are dual scholarships for football and track. The million dollar twins won the 1A state championship in 2018 in the 4 x 100m .

“We couldn’t believe it at first because we were so focused on going to school for football," said Markhel. "At track, we started our freshman year, so we didn’t know we were going to have this much success with track. Once it also came that schools wanted us for track, we were so blessed, so thankful.”

“They communicated with coaches, admissions, and financial aid offices, working hard to stay on top of what each university needed,” said their college advisor Courtney Clarke. “They had the support from their parents.”

Though the two will be going to the same school together, they won’t be roommates because, well, their mom won’t let them.

Once the Henry twins complete their years of college, their goal is to go home to Burgaw and make a difference as physical therapists.

“I love my home, its small and everyone is together and that’s what makes it home because everyone is together. And I love everyone,” said Lavell.

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