Michael Jordan donates more than $1 million to Laney High School

MJ donation story

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Michael Jordan left his legacy on the basketball court at his alma mater Laney High School.

Jordan, a 1981 Laney graduate, continues to give back to his school. On Thursday he donated $1.1 million to his high school. The money is part of a negotiated contract that comes from a portion of sales of Laney 5 sneakers that where released in 2013.

“Mike decided that he wanted to take care of Laney High School,” said Laney Athletic Director Fred Lynch. “With him and his attorneys wanting to make sure that it would go entirely to Laney High School. So, Mike is still the man.

Half of the gift will go to athletics and the other half of the donation will go to other projects the school chooses.

“A school our size with 2,200 kids, there is always a need for laptops, computers and tech stuff that will benefit all the kids,” said Lynch. “So, I know there are things that will help everybody.”

“It’s a very good thing. It’s a blessing to give that much money to a school,” added Laney student Dariius Dutton. “It means a lot to me because I love Laney, I love my school. And I think it will help a lot.”

“I think it’s wonderful that the athletics is very important,” said Melissa Ellison, a parent of a Laney student. “My child has never been involved in athletics. But I think it’s a wonderful thing that part of its going to the school for programs as well.”

The projects that the money will go to have yet to be determined.

“My job as AD is to look at some of the project we have and things we need to do,” said Lynch. “Then sit down with my principal and who ever she chooses, and we’ll talk about things that will benefit the entire student body.”

Since he left the area, Jordan has made several visits back to Laney, once to film a Gatorade commercial in the school gymnasium.

Following Hurricane Florence, the sports star donated $2 million to help the Carolinas recover, visited with people displaced by the storm and handed out meals on Thanksgiving in Wilmington.

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