Charlotte family reunited with dog after escaping crash near NC coast

Charlotte family reunited with dog after escaping crash near NC coast

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - A Charlotte family was reunited with their 6-year-old Wheaten Terrier Sunday. The dog had been missing for over a week after a chaotic car crash near the North Carolina coast.

The situation started Memorial Day weekend as the Williams family was headed to the beach. The family was involved in a bad car crash while turning off of Highway 74 in Brunswick County.

“Nothing like we’ve ever experienced when your car ends up on the side and you’re disoriented and it fills with smoke, it’s just really, really scary,” said Abby Williams, the dog’s owner.

Thankfully, all human family members were okay, but Ivy, the family dog, escaped from the crash site.

“Once we figured that we were all physically alright, that was our next immediate concern like, ‘where is she, where is she?’” Williams explained.

She said they searched for their dog over the next couple days while they were staying along the coast.

When the holiday weekend ended, the family left without Ivy. Over the next week, they made multiple trips back to Brunswick County from Charlotte, each time hoping to find her.

“After about 15 minutes of walking around, something just happens. You just lose that feeling of ‘she’s coming’ and you think - it’s a weird thing and it was just hard,” Williams said.

The family didn’t give up, and neither did the residents of Brunswick County. Abby Williams said the neighbors who lived near the crash site kept searching for Ivy. Law enforcement officials even set humane traps in the area. Fortunately, one of the traps worked. Williams got a call last Saturday night that her dog had been found.

“It was 9 o’clock at night and I just screamed. I said, ‘shut up you’re kidding me’, and she said, ‘I am not kidding you, they caught her',” Williams said.’

She said the family went to pick Ivy up from animal services in Brunswick County the next day.

Williams said that her family is extremely grateful for all the help they received in finding Ivy.

“It was more than them just looking for a dog. They wanted our family to be back together and we just appreciate it so much,” Williams said.

The family credits social media for helping to spread the word about their missing pet.

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