Wilmington florist takes measures to conserve water amid drought conditions

Published: May. 29, 2019 at 6:02 AM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Since the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority encouraged customers to conserve water, one business has been doing its part to abide by the recommendation.

Dillon McLamb owns Designs by Dillon, a flower-designing business.

He uses 20 to 30 buckets of water a week to keep his flowers alive. Without blooming flowers, McLamb would have no business so he tries to conserve as much water as he can since CFPUA asked customers to use water wisely.

“We do want to make sure that we’re not using anymore water than we absolutely have to," said McLamb. "When it is time to get rid of that water, I try to make sure it’s at least going to something that’s going to benefit whether it’s just watering a plant or whatever.”

He has buckets of water he saves throughout the day so he doesn’t have to use a water hose every time he waters flowers.

“Even if it’s just watering my flowers I have at home with water that typically comes from the hose pipe, I’ll take old bucket water out of this old nasty water and dump it on my flowers and it’s fine,” said McLamb.

Water is important to keeping his business thriving. He doesn’t grow any of his own flowers but rather has them shipped in from different locations all around the world.

When there is a drought or too much rain in locations from where he orders flowers, it affects McLamb’s business.

“A ton of our roses come from South America and the storms and weather there are really messing it up," he said. "Even today, my wholesaler called. I had 16 packs of roses on order and he had to completely switch them because he wasn’t able to get his hands on them.”

While he does try to limit his water use, McLamb says he will use fresh water to help his flowers if he needs to in order to keep his business running.

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