Pregnant woman bitten, hit in stomach during road rage incident

HOUSTON (KTRK/CNN) - A pregnant woman in Texas said an angry driver attacked her in front of her kids in a road rage incident on Wednesday.

The intense confrontation was all caught on cellphone video.

The alleged attacker hasn’t been charged, but the victim wants that to change. She’s bruised up and even has bite marks.

"She had me by the hair and she was also hitting me. I'm all sore from my left side,” the victim said.

The victim said the attacker had cut her off and almost collided with her.

”She didn’t even put on her blinker on or anything," the victim explained.

She honked, and from there, on a two-lane road, it got more intense

"She just started braking and braking and braking and braking," the victim recalled.

She said she thought by passing her up, this would all be behind her. That plan lasted until they reached a red light.

"I know I did the mistake of getting out of the car, but when you are in a situation like that, you know your mind goes black, you're in fear, you're in shock," the victim said.

A brawl broke out in the middle of rush hour.

"When she hit me in my stomach, I just got down, guarding my stomach," she explained.

After a while, she said, two men got out to help. You can hear one of them in the cell phone video.

It was a traumatizing experience, she said, especially for her young children who were watching their mother get hit.

She was able to get in her car and call police to file a report. She also got checked out at the hospital.

"I thank God nothing happened," she said.

The Houston Police Department will be investigating, and they encourage witnesses to call Crime Stoppers.

As for this mom, she’s counting her blessings and hopes to find her assailant.

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