Belville announces their solution to H2GO dispute

Belville announces their solution to H2GO dispute

BELVILLE, N.C. (WECT) - Belville town leaders released their plan to bring clean water to the people of Brunswick County on Friday.

The Belville announcement comes days after H2GO announced they would have their attorney bring all the stakeholders together to look for a resolution. The Town of Leland announced their plan to build their own reverse osmosis plant and provide aquifer based water to the area just last week.

According to Belville, the plan is centered around returning H2GO assets to experts who can build, own and operate the plant.

“The right thing to do is to allow H2GO to build a plant and do what they were originally organized to do and what the overall voters in the sanitary district want: build the RO plant, supply clean safe drinking water to the voters of the sanitary district," said Belville Mayor, Mike Allen.

Belville aims to return all assets transferred to the town in 2017 back to H2GO. They would then like H2GO to build the reverse osmosis plant as soon as possible. The plan also asks that Leland, H2GO and Belville all pull out of existing legal battles and agree not to initiate any further lawsuits.

“Looking at Leland’s years of efforts to kill the plant using legal and legislative processes, it’s clear Leland’s plan is simply a money and power grab. It does not have any water experts on its staff and has a long track record of failing to construct and operate major infrastructure or programs, including its Town Hall and its wastewater system. Its finances are not in order; the town is requiring another tax increase to address past mistakes,” the release from Belville said.

The Town of Leland issued a two page response to Belville’s plan Friday evening.

The lengthy statement alleges Belville’s proposal would reward them for “misconduct”

“The Belville proposal forecasts Belville’s unwillingness to work with other local governments in the region to help heal the problems that have divided us for years. The proposal is nothing new; Belville simply proposes that H2GO build the RO Plant, that no action be taken on the compromises that Leland offered as concessions in return for its willingness to build the plant, and that Belville face no consequences after a finding that it is a court-adjudicated wrongdoer,” the press release states.

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