Mold found in children’s hospital operating rooms in Wash.

Children's hospital operating rooms shut down for mold in Wash.

SEATTLE (KCPQ/CNN) - Seattle Children's Hospital has been busy getting in touch with the families of 3,000 patients, to tell them mold was found inside some of the operating rooms.

Right now, four of the hospital's 14 operating rooms, along with some of the storage rooms, are closed. Hospital officials say they do quarterly air tests, and they're trying to figure out how the mold got there.

Jodie Puppe is looking for answers. She took her 11-year-old son Ryan to the hospital for sinus surgery in April.

"It was supposed to be like a 2-hour surgery. He was back there for 4 1/2 hours," she said.

When she heard the news about the discovery of aspergillus, a common type of mold people breathe in every day, she panicked.

"They're right there, open and ready to collect any bacteria or fungus or anything going in that air," Jodie Puppe said.

The chief medical officer with Seattle Children's says patients with non-invasive surgeries are at a lower risk for contracting an infection because of the mold.

"They're just like, 'OK, you have a lower risk.' But they're not really giving us information, so that's frustrating … it really upsets me actually," Jodie Puppe said.

She is worried that because of Ryan's complicated medical history and compromised immune system, he could be at risk.

"He gets sick all the time. Oh my gosh, could this be this?" she said.

She called the information line, hoping to confirm that during his 4 1/2-hour surgery, her son wasn't impacted by aspergillus in the air.

She said those details weren't made available to her.

"I feel like it actually gave even more anxiety just because I'm like, OK, now you're really not giving me any information," Jodie Puppe said.

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