‘He’s a violent monster’: Another ex-girlfriend of murder suspect speaks about near deadly attack

Updated: May. 21, 2019 at 4:22 PM EDT
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WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - For the second time in as many days, an ex-girlfriend of Jermaine Pompey is painting a picture of a dangerous, disturbed man.

Samantha Corbett dated Pompey 10 years ago. Eight months into the relationship, he slit her throat.

“I woke up about 6 that morning. Around 6:30, he had asked me, ‘Can I have the tongue ring out of your mouth?’" Corbett said Tuesday. "I told him, ‘No, I was only going to take my mother to the doctor for some tests. You can go if you would like because we’re taking the kids shopping.’

"So I set my daughter on the bed, he slipped out the razor and he cut my throat twice and stabbed me in the back of the head.”

Corbett says before that near fatal attack, Pompey had been argumentative, but not abusive.

That all changed in August 2009.

“He would start an argument for no reason and not violent as in putting hands on so much, just violent as in words until the day of August the 7th, that Friday morning," Corbett said.

Pompey was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for cutting and stabbing Corbett, and was sentenced to prison in 2011. He was released on parole this past February.

Pompey is now charged with killing Quinchelle Carr. Her body was found in her Creekwood apartment early Saturday morning.

While police have not given a motive, they confirmed the two were dating at the time Carr was murdered.

On Monday, Mary Deschamps — another ex-girlfriend of Pompey’s — described how he stabbed her in 2006 and set her house on fire.

Deschamps and Corbett both agreed to talk about their attacks only in telephone interviews. Both say they still live in fear of Pompey.

“I’m scared to like leave all my lights off," Corbett said. "I’m scared to be in the dark because when I close my eyes, I see that day.”

Domestic violence counselors say living with that kind of fear is not uncommon.

Andrea Stough, an outreach coordinator for the Domestic Violence Shelter in Wilmington, says the community needs to take notice of this case and push for longer sentences for these abusers.

“We are talking about people who are in fear for their safety and the reality is, there’s no guarantee for your safety when you leave,” Stough said. “So much centers around why the victim does what they do and it’s so great that we’re talking about the abuser in this situation. ... Why do we have people that feel that this is OK, so much so that it’s happened time and time again, and why are they still able to do this to another person in our community?”

Corbett says despite her fear of the man who almost took her life, she’d like to take the stand in his murder trial. She’d like to see him put away for good.

“I’d really like to get on the stand and tell my story at his trial because I don’t feel like he should have been released in the beginning for the type of violence he did to me and my family," Corbett said. "And I feel like he should get either life in prison or the death penalty.”

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