Golf cart rentals to roll into Kure Beach

Golf cart rentals to roll into Kure Beach

Kure Beach, N.C. (WECT) - Kure Beach Town Council approved a special use permit (SUP) application for golf cart rentals in the town Monday and voted to add the vehicles to the town’s Code of Ordinances of permitted uses.

SunFun Rentals applied for the SUP to operate a golf cart rental/taxi cab service at 112 Fort Fisher Boulevard South.

SunFun Rentals has a location in Carolina Beach and is now expanding into Kure Beach.

“Our fleets double each year since we started back in 2014," said co-owner of SunFun Rentals, Sheila Embler. "We’re up to 150 rentals now. Rentals in Kure Beach went up every year as well and we wanted to find a way to service that community and make it easier for them.”

This will be the first golf cart/taxi service in the town.

The taxi service takes customers to restaurants, locations and homes on the island.

These carts are LSV’s, meaning they are governed by an electrical vehicle low speed status. The carts have VIN numbers, tags, seat belts and they follow all the laws that a car follows.

People who rent the golf carts sign and initial the contract saying they understand it face to face and are also given a brochure.

“We try very hard to make sure that anyone who gets into the cart knows what they are driving, it’s just like a car," says Embler. "We want them to be responsible, but have fun.”

Those who rent the golf carts must have a valid drivers license, are not allowed to have alcohol in the vehicle, cannot take the carts off the island or go on any roads that are over 35 mph.

“We already have some preliminary things started, so we’ll start working down there this week," says Embler. “The goal is to try and get cart pick up as quickly as possible set up down there. Hopefully it’s ready by the time the schools are letting out and the families are starting to come down.”

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