Highway 6: Generations of family history intertwined in the vines of Lu Mil Vineyard

Generations of family history intertwined in the vines of Lu Mil Vineyard

WILMINGTON, N.C. (WECT) - Stories that span generations and a family history grown from the ground up are intertwined in the grape vines of Lu Mil Vineyard.

“I was born on this property, I grew up on this property, I can talk to you all day about stories I have experienced as a child growing up here,” said owner Ron Taylor.

Just under a half hour from White Lake is one of Bladen County’s biggest attractions.

Lu Mil Vineyard grows grapes to make muscadine wine and cider products at their vineyard, but also sell their muscadine grapes across the country.

It was once the perfect place for growing tobacco, and has been turned into a vineyard and attraction. The origin of the name is just as sweet as the muscadine wine they serve.

“Lu Mil Vineyard is named after my parents Lucille and Miller Taylor," Ron Taylor said. "And we have been blessed over the years to farm this land and grow different crops.”

Ron Taylor and his family are known for many businesses throughout Bladen County including Lu Mil, Taylor Manufacturing, Taylor Ice Company, and Divine Foods.

“We got into the grape business just to have some vineyards to do some research development for our equipment at Taylor Manufacturing Company. So then we had grapes and got into the wine business,” Ron Taylor said.

With 78 acres of grapes to grow, its a 365 day a year job.

In addition to the wine and vineyards, they have something for everyone - cabins and ponds for fishing, and family events and weddings held throughout the year.

“The stories that go with this property is what our clientele likes. They want to know about the story, the history,” he said.

The work is hard but the history is what keeps Taylor going day after day.

“It’s the reason I get up in the morning and put my pants on one leg at a time to get out here and make sure I carry on the family tradition and the family history,” said Taylor.

A tradition of love for the place they call home is clearly evident in every vine, bottle, and serene space, all open now for other families to enjoy.

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