Highway 6: Behind the scenes of how White Lake Water Park prepares for the summer season

Behind the scenes of how White Lake Water Park prepares for the summer season

WHITE LAKE, N.C. (WECT) - The White Lake Water Festival may just last one weekend, but the White Lake Water Park gives visitors a chance to beat the heat all summer long.

The park will open for the season Memorial Day weekend, but the work to get the park ready begins long before then.

The crew has been working six days a week since the start of March to get the park prepared for the thousands of guests that will visit for its 15th season.

The story behind the park even crosses state lines.

“Funny story. A couple of our employees from Myrtle Beach used to come to White Lake and said unless you have a boat or a jet ski there’s nothing to do,” said park manager Connie Hucks.

So, Hucks and her husband decided to change that. Fifteen years ago they opened White Lake Water Park, but they’ve been in the business for quite a while.

“My husband builds all these at Myrtle Beach. We’ve been in business 50 years there, or 55. That’s where we’re from and he builds the submarines and the octopus and we put it out here. A lot of the motels at Myrtle beach they have the same things there,” Hucks said.

Across state lines in White Lake, crews are working quickly to get the park back into shape.

“Every year we have to repaint the decks, we have to take all the motors off and re service,” she said.

From the slides, to the lazy river, the kiddie area, and the wave pool, there’s plenty to be done. The park did sustain some damage from Florence, which made for extra work this year.

For the Hucks, the hard work is worth it to see the simple joy of a child playing in the park.

“They come in and they’re rearing to go and get in the pools and when they leave they’re crying because they don’t want to go but of course they have to go home. But they have a blast," she said.

When Labor Day weekend rolls around it comes time to turn off the water and tuck away the tubes. And once summer vacation ends, Hucks’ vacation begins.

“It is different because I work all summer, but then I’m off in the wintertime and there’s not a lot to do. but after you work here all summer you just don’t want to do a lot. You just mostly rest up,” she said.

That is until March, when it starts all over again.

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