Local experts address factors impacting CBD dosage, efficacy

Local experts address factors impacting CBD dosage, efficacy
New CBD shops opening throughout our area mean more people deciding to take CBD, and if they do, how much to take, and how frequently.

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (WBTV) - New CBD shops opening throughout the area mean more people deciding to take CBD, deciding how much to take and how frequently.

“It’s probably one of the top questions that we get asked,” Matt Houser of Tar Heal Pharms and Lifted CLT says.

When it comes to taking too much, Houser says there is no such thing.

“There is no overdosing, never,” he says.

But dosing can be different, for everyone.

“Will you go to sleep? Potentially,” Houser says. “Will it make you tired? Maybe, but as far as taking too much, there are zero cases relating to overdose.”

Houser says the average dose of CBD content is 10-15 milligrams, but it can differ based on things like body type, weight and diet.

When it comes to diet, doctors say CBD cannot be absorbed in water, so it is taken up by fat cells in the body.

“If you took it with a high-fat meal, you could absorb a lot more of it,” Atrium’s Dr. Chasse Bailey-Dorton says. “So even absorption is going to vary among somebody, and the products that they take.”

And that is why Bailey-Dorton says consumers should keep in mind - there are not studies on whether there are long-term impacts of regularly taking CBD.

“Somebody could be taking this long-term and be accumulating it in their body, and we just don’t know the long-term effects,” she says,

She adds, when deciding to take CBD, and how much to take, people should be aware of what else they are consuming.

“It interacts with certain enzymes in the liver, that metabolize medications,” Bailey-Dorton says. “So, CBD could potentially interfere with somebody’s medications, to make them toxic, or less effective.”

This is why distributors like Houser direct those clients her way.

“We always tell them to check with their doctors,” he says. “We are not doctors.”

And, it is why both distributors and doctors are eager for more long-term studies on CBD dosing.

“We certainly don’t hold any promises,” Houser says. “But always trying to stay up on research, trying to get as much research as we can for our clients.”

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