First Alert Forecast: mild midweek but very summery soon

First Alert Forecast: mild midweek but very summery soon
Source; WECT

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - Good Wednesday to you and thanks for checking in! A toasty high pressure system will be an agent of change in your First Alert Forecast: as it builds, temperatures and humidity levels ought to rise dramatically by the weekend. So, if you're a fan of summer, you've got that to look forward to! But, if you like your weather a little milder and more mellow, this Wednesday is in your wheelhouse...

- Sunshine will be the rule right through our 8:06 sunset.

- Temperatures will crest in the middle, possibly upper, 70s.

- Humidity levels will remain lower-than-average for mid-May.

- Winds will northerly and at light, mainly 5 to 10 mph, speeds.

Catch your First Alert Forecast for the next seven days for Wilmington below! Of course, you can tap into a full ten-day forecast tailored to your ZIP Code on your WECT Weather App. This weekend, that forecast tailoring shows up as hotter temperatures for inland zones like Whiteville, Elizabethtown, and Burgaw... and readings a touch cooler for beach communities given the ocean influence.

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