Working to solve food insecurity with a community kitchen

Working to solve food insecurity with a community kitchen

WILMINGTON, NC (WECT) - A local group is working to raise money to bring a new community kitchen to Wilmington to help with food insecurity in the area.

Community Enrichment Initiatives, Incorporated (CEII) is a non-profit who mission it to promote personal empowerment, self-sufficiency and productivity in the Wilmington area.

New Hanover County worked with CEII to start the Wilmington Green Model in 2014. Now, there are 12 Wilmington Green Community Gardens in the area. Those gardens offer an opportunity to grow fresh produce and flowers and to create a bond between neighbors. These gardens provide fresh, healthy food to those who may not typically have access to produce.

Now that the community has those gardens and produce, CEII wants to teach people who to use them by creating a community kitchen. The kitchen will be located at the MLK Center on S 8th Street in Wilmington. The kitchen will be a one-stop training center to educate the community about nutrition, food preparation, wellness, and entrepreneurship.

CEII is hosting Harvest Feast on June 6 to help raise money to build that community kitchen.

Details for the 2019 Harvest Feast. (source: CEII)
Details for the 2019 Harvest Feast. (source: CEII)

The event is to raise money to create a commercial kitchen in downtown Wilmington. That kitchen will be used to teach classes and hosts events in effort to help solve food security issues in the Cape Fear.

Dolores Williams is a Board Member of CEII and says there are many people who are food insecure, particularly children and the elderly.

“This community kitchen will provide a resource to teach nutrition classes as well as healthy cooking classes,” said Williams. “It will also serve as maker space for culinary training and culinary business start up so that will assist with food security in our area.”

In 2017, The Wilmington City Council approved the MLK Community Kitchen Project and the next step is to get funding.

If you’d like to attend the Harvest Feast or become a sponsor, click here.

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