Disaster relief organization’s warehouse damaged in Sunday storm

Disaster relief organization’s warehouse damaged in Sunday storm

BURGAW, NC (WECT) - The Baptists on Mission warehouse, which is filled with disaster relief supplies, was severely damaged during a Sunday night storm in Burgaw.

“We still don’t know if it was a thunderstorm or a small tornado and it took out the culverts, taking out power lines behind us and really did a number on this warehouse but fortunately it didn’t damage any materials," said disaster relief team leader Mike Moser. “We store materials here that are used by volunteers in rebuilding the sites and it didn’t mess any of those up. Nobody got hurt. We had a lot of flying tin that ended up several blocks away that didn’t hit anybody so we were blessed in that regard but yeah, the irony is there."

The National Weather Service said straight-line wind damage is most likely to blame, but someone is expected investigate further Wednesday.

The storm blew off the doors and much of the tin roof, sending debris flying. It also brought down a power line.

Baptists on Mission have aided thousands in the wake of hurricanes Matthew and Florence, and had neighbors reaching out to help them after the storms.

“We’ve got way too much experience doing this, so we’ve had some nice offers which is great but even the people that offered to help, we’d rather have them out there helping the other people and there’s nothing here that’s too pressing that has to be done now as long as we can get it where it’s safe and nothing’s going to fall off,” Moser said.

While some Baptists on Mission members worked to clear out their damage, many others were out helping in the community, where Moser said there was a greater need.

“I guess the first thing, just like anybody that has a disaster, is, why us? And the answer is, why not us?" he said. "I’d rather it happen to us than some of the other families out there where at least we’re equipped and have everything we need to fix it up and have the resources so if we did need help, they’d come in and fix it.”

Moser is working to keep long-term recovery top of mind for many in southeastern North Carolina with the next hurricane possibly on our doorstep.

“We’re in kind of a rush because hurricane season is right around the corner and this is just an awareness of what’s coming," Moser said. "We have to be careful because Baptists on Mission goes a lot of places in a lot of states. We’ve had 36 different states come here to help at our sites, and if a hurricane or other disaster were to hit here or in another state, a lot of those volunteers would get pulled away from here and that will hurt us just about as bad as if we get hit again.”

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